LeBron 8 China Edition

You might have heard of Yao Ming by now. Yao came into the NBA as the most popular Chinese basketball player ever. The popular Chinese player even came out with a movie entitled “The Year of the Yao”. Yao is not the only popular player there though, as there are a lot more athletes who are becoming increasingly well-known. So you can bet other players with rising popularity are trying to market themselves to their Asian fan base as well. After all, it wasn’t long ago that the Olympics were held in Beijing. Enter the most popular or most hated player in the NBA today, Lebron James.

That’s right, we’re talking about Lebron and taking his talents… or shoes to the nearest Nike retailer near you. Have you seen his transition from Cleveland to Miami? Have you watched “the decision”? Hearts were broken and fans were lost. Nike began marketing “the king” as “the villain”; hence, changing his shoes completely into what is known now as the Lebron 8. The Lebron 8 is really bulky and brash, just like his personality on the court. You might have seen this new pair of kicks as he’s playing on the court, but have you seen the other version of his shoe, namely the Lebron 8 China? Nike came out with a Lebron 8 inspired by the country that happens to be a basketball country and a huge fan base for the NBA.

The Lebron 8 China shoes are a lot like their predecessor – the Lebron 8 – but with some differences. They’re still white, but only a few linings are red like the ones on the mid sole, the tongue, and the Nike swoosh. What’s cool though is that the lion symbol for Lebron is different. The lion on the tongue of this shoe illustrates a Chinese guardian lion with red eyes. The lion is also seen on the heel of the shoe, just a twist to what already is a nice looking design. So give it up for the fans in China! Good job inspiring Nike and “the king” himself to come up with a masterpiece like this.