Learning The “Secrets” of Cannabis

All About Marijuana

Cannabis is also popularly known as marijuana, Indica or hemp. Hemp typically grows in areas that have tropical weather conditions or areas with wet soil. Were it not for greenhouse planting, the growing of cannabis would only be limited to areas with naturally favorable conditions. Original cannabis species can be located in Africa and Asia. In most countries, growing and using cannabis is prohibited, but in some countries, it has been permitted.

Many people who grow this herb prefer to do it by themselves. It is grown either traditionally outdoors, or in simulated conditions. To grow marijuana, your plant will need to be in soil or water or air based mediums. To grow well, Indica requires good soil, a lot of light and a sufficient water supply. Rearing hemp in enclosed areas includes the use of pots of various sizes. Adequate artificial light is provided through fluorescent lights, LED lights, HID lights, etc. The growth of cannabis is dependent on other features like temperature, humidity, ventilation, and carbon dioxide levels . It takes about three weeks for the buds to dry and be used. It is not advisable to harvest marijuana if budding is not over. During harvesting, fungus, frost, and other weather conditions are known to destroy cannabis plants.

The consumption of cannabis can be effected through different ways. It is most commonly smoked through methods which include the use of small pipes, bongs, paper-wrapped joints or tobacco leaf wrapped blunts among others. Marijuana is also vaporized through a vaporizer that has oil which contains marijuana or chewed in items like cookies, brownies. Drinking tea which has cannabis is also an effective way of ingesting the herb.
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Some illnesses can be partially treated through the use of medical cannabis. Individuals suffering from diseases like cancer, HIV AIDS are allowed to use a specific amount of the herb to get relief from their pains. The effects of marijuana use are beneficial to individuals who suffer from chronic nerve disorders. In chemists, medical cannabis is only availed to those people who present prescriptions from their doctors. Marijuana is not widely endorsed by countries due to some of its effects. In Colorado, where medical marijuana is permitted, they limit the amount of the herb sold on any particular day. This is done to prevent illicit proprietorship of marijuana.
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To acquire marijuana, you will be prompted to provide an identification document. Only a certified doctor can approve marijuana use for an individual after evaluating them. It is the physician that decides the amount of herb you need. Only the government health officials can release a marijuana identification card. Marijuana is not only acquired over the counter but also through an order at a dispensary. They also have lounges and common areas where marijuana can be sampled.