I Made a New Home Up North

After purchasing a bit of King West real estate, I moved to Toronto to start my new life as a citizen there. I came their from the U.S. because I was a little bit unhappy with the choices that were being made by the higher government officials. People always say that they’re going to move to a different country if something like that happens, but they never follow through with it. I wasn’t going to be one of those people. I made plans and stuck with them, and now I’m living in a better place than before.

Since I’ve been in Toronto, I’ve met some nice people. Living here is very similar to my home back in America, but there are some slight differences in cuisine, demeanor, and of course, health care. Every day after work, my friends and I go out for a meal at one of the local restaurants, and I can’t help but order a poutine. I know that I shouldn’t be eating them all the time because of how much fat and calories are in them, but they just taste so good that they’re hard to resist. It’s a good thing that I don’t gain weight because of my metabolism, or I would be in trouble.

I’ll come back to the states to see my family around the holidays, but that’s about it. For the next few years, I’m going to be living in Toronto. Maybe I’ll think about coming back for good one day, but I would rather have all of my family move up north and just live with me. Things would be so much better for them if they could enjoy all of the benefits that this place has to offer. They could probably find new jobs that are similar to their old ones.