Airmax Lebron VII China Edition

At 19 years old, LeBron James is already a millionaire. He had endorsements and a very lucrative contract with Cleveland Cavaliers. Many might ask why LeBron James is so successful at his tender age. The answer to that question can be seen when you watch LeBron James play. LeBron James is a coach’s dream player. He is an all around player who can score tremendously and defend rigorously. These abilities of LeBron made him one of the most famous basketball players not only in the United States of America but also all over the world including China and other Asian Country.

The increasing popularity of the National Basketball Association in China increased substantially due to the drafting of basketball players from China to the National Basketball Association. Thus, the popularity ratings of the National Basketball Association in the world soared high when China got hooked up with the National Basketball Association. Together with the increasing popularity of the NBA is also the increasing popularity of its players. And one of the players is LeBron James.

The Airmax LeBron VII China Edition is a testimonial and proof of that popularity. These shoes have a two toned design is inspired by traditional Chinese Aesthetic standards. There are also Chinese characters imprinted in the shoes. These shoes are exemplifies a good combination of traditional and popular culture in China. These shoes are also quite popular considering that it is branded by one of the best, if not the best, National Basketball Association players in the world.