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Airmax Lebron VII

The MVP’s “More than a Game” Shoes

Lebron James, the current National Basketball Association’s Most Valuable Player has released his new shoe, the Airmax Lebron VII, coinciding with his “More Than a Game” film.

This is perhaps the shoe with the most variety among the numbered Lebron series, because the 10 Airmax Lebron VII varieties represent the ten cities in America, Europe and Asia that were part of the “More than a Game” World Tour.

For example, the community themed green and white colored Washington DC variety represents James’ youth. The shoe even has a picture of James’ SVSM team in a huddle. The “China Moon” variety, on the other hand, is a white and gold ensemble which is inspired by China’s Moon Festival. The New York Artist Series, which is specifically designed by renowned artist Tomokazu Matsuyama, epitomizes simplicity and style. To the untrained eye, it’s like a blank white canvas replete with over 700 Swarovsky crystals, but a closer look will reveal the contemporary design that best embodies Lebron James.

Of course, the leader of the pack is the Piano AML7. Its black, white and red colors are reminiscent to Air Jordan 11. James used this during the first few games of the 2009-2010 NBA Season. Most of these varieties feature flywire technology (except for one variety) and the Nike signature air-sole. The fly-wire upper material is designed to make the shoe lighter. This helps the wearer to feel the comfort without the drag of most rubber shoes.

The Airmax Lebron VII is the current MVP’s sneakers. After this season, we will know if this will be the same sneakers he will wear when he finally gets his championship ring.